Untitled Poem

I don’t know what you’ve done to me
I feel a bit tearful when you say
‘Good Night Baby’
on the other side of the phone,
as if not speaking to you is painful,
as if you’re the only other person
in the world.

I am a sparrow;
I’m such a frothy, flighty, creature
Yet in this cage you’ve built with me
I feel more at peace than ever-
If using relativity.

The depth of pain that has
so often sought to destroy me,
lingers far behind my conscious

You are the light bulb
to my moth,
I am warmed by your
yellow light,
knowing full well what
I must sacrifice,
But knowing that
it’s worth it-
Just to be in your light

As I hope, my love,

my light is to you.

~Abigail R. Godfrey

With love comrades.


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