White Knight Syndrome

Tarot Painting by Stephanie Pui Mun Law 'The Magician'

I have white knight syndrome. It’s such a strange psychological disease, at least in this world. Its where you love everyone, no matter who they are or what they are. Its where you want to help everyone to grow and to feel loved. Its wanting to rescue a person who is drowning in their own bad decisions or misfortunes. Its wanting to protect those that you love. And loving everyone that means you want to protect everyone.

In this world where no one cares, there is an everyday affront to my soul. Days filled with giving all that I have to every person I meet, and always hoping that I will one day meet someone who gives as much as me. Every human being lives within their skin, touching themselves questioning, am I here am I here? Never reaching out and asking are you here? Is it the machine that is to blame? Is it the shadow of apathy behind most young peoples’ glazed eyes. On a phone, on a computer, on the run. Have to look, have to see, have to disengage your eyes, disengage your heart. Where is the passion that I seek within my fellow human  beings’ souls? Where is the touch, and the thrill of meeting truly another mind? Is this the lost art of caring?

Oh my comrades of the great wide world!

tears of conscience in my eyes

that glisten bluely into the darkening sky

(Bring me the light!)

the fellowship of streetlamps stand

against this encroaching silence

speak, my comrades, speak

not to the void, no, instead please

speak to me.

And when you wander

into the estranged paths

of chords and cables and forests

of glass, and steel, and smoke,

remember that I am here

and if you feel at end of day

that the silence has taken you

that the forest has dulled your soul

I shall hold you until you sing

to me.

I am your friend. I love you.


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