A Dream A dream such paltry things

The wind was blowing, the path up to the cabin familiar as the wind that was whipping my long golden hair into my face. I thrust open the door with a will, and entered. Inside the golden glow was erupting from the flickering lanterns on the walls and ceiling. The familiar sounds of a sewing machine, a clicking of Josh making leather-covered armor. The Cabin was a grand sight, there to the left was the armory, and as always the shuffling from beneath the cabin, the things beneath the floor, and the Haudanosaunee tribe sworn to keep them at bay. My great-great-grandmother was in charge, beads adorning a long braid in her thick gray streaked hair. It was difficult to believe that she was part of me. She was always so stern. The ceremonial red and white paint flaking on her creased face.

The wizard was there. Its hard to say what the wizard is, or who he is. He just is. Was he ever not? he’s not good, but nor is he evil. He said it was time to practice. I was handed a sword, the ceiling expanded and I was in the middle of the practice room, alone with the shadows. THe shadows attacked, but I was able to repel them.
I returned to the cabin, and my friend Josh tried to kiss me, he was in my bed. I wanted to kiss him, but I knew I shouldn’t. The sheets were tangled I was covered in sweat. A terrible nightmare. The wind was worse, the sky was crushing. Something was terribly wrong. Josh roused next to me. What was he doing still in my bed? what had happened?

I wandered along the forest path. the shadows were in the boughs, in the sky, and the sky was getting closer.
the rain came.
the wizard was there.
The creatures beneath the cabin were pounding on the wood. The wizard handed me the party dress I had been wearing when I was four. The old taffeta was crinkling in  my hands, the stains of the mud of the world still on it. My great-great-grandmother came up to me, the rest of the tribe behind her, they handed me indian pennies, beads, and baubles. I grasped my sword. I was swathed in armor.
You must go. She said with her eyes and painted face.
They were escaping I knew. The creatures underneath the floor. I had to run. The wizard started to become contorted.
i ran down the forest path, to the waterfalls and the lakes, and the tower on the hill
to the camps of the children
but the children were no longer there.
I passed the burnt tent where we had opened the worlds
the sky got ever closer
the rain was warm like tears but the air was cold. The wooden bridge came quickly. There he was, with his shy smile, who is he, I don’t know. The shadow? the fear? the love? he was there, a part of the bridge, he held a lantern as if a talisman against the threatening and ever-closer sky…

I wake up with a feeling that everything is off kelter. The storm is blowing my windows closed and open, filling my room with dashes of rain. I close them and lay in bed a moment. The alarm clock buzzes and I sit with my eyes open, this isn’t the real world is it?


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