Nietsche once said that’However far man may extend himself with his knowledge, however objective he may appear to himself- -ultimately he reaps nothing but his own biography’. My biography feels like the end of a war, with nothing but a pile of obituaries that seems to feed on every year, enveloping a new life to add to its expanding mass. Here I am, helpless against it. I who spent a listless hour sitting in the library, just staring at the ducks and geese on the pond, enjoying the sudden rain and sudden sunshine, the colors of the Autumn leaves. I who have laughed and cried today, I who have heard three ‘I love you’s.

I am alive.

He is dead.

Rest in Peace Kevin. I hope that oblivion is kinder.

good night Comrades, sweet dreams.

If you believe in prayer, then pray. If you believe in hope, then hope instead, not for the dead, but for us.


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