If I knew how to write music I would have written the music too. Suffice it to say but I have the music in my head. This is a sultry sort of jazz song with a slow beat, but with warm sounds instead of more pensive ones. I hope that makes sense…

If I could die this very moment

I would be glad

Just thinking of all the

things I have

‘cause the future is lookin so bright

that I may just fly away

in the night

and you’ve got me feelin so full

that I almost believe in a soul

If I were to sigh every morning

Would you sigh too?

If I were to laugh this very moment

Would I laugh with you?

Cause the future is so very bright

That I may just fly away

Into the night

Your love is all I need to know

So I’m starting to think about


*Instrumental break*

If I could die this very moment

I would be glad

If I cried this very day

You would be sad

If I could die

If I could die

This very moment

I would be



I hope that gives you an idea. I really hope I find some decent musicians to help me out with this music-making nonsense. Jazz musicians specifically.

I have this secret desire, that’s become less and less secret the more I write songs, the more I practice, the more voice exercises and research into music theory I accomplish. I want to sing Jazz. Maybe not as a career, but someday in my life I would like to. I have this vision of a black velvet dress in a fifties cut, and beautiful evening gloves, and a vintage microphone. A smoke filled room, and eyes staring desirously over martinis and glasses of wine. I see myself, a piano next to me, a bass, and a saxophone, all together creating this most beautiful music. I can almost believe it can be real. Well, at least I’m going to try…

This is the dream I have.

If only I had the style and passion of Billy Holiday


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