‘F’ is for Fairy

F is for Fairy Necklace

Look at the pretty thing I made today! Isn’t it AWESOME!?! I found this chocolate mold at a flea market here in Stuttgart and fell in love with it. I love old things, the battered rust-spotted exterior, the sheer anachronistic quality of its existence! I got it home and started brainstorming in my sketchbook. I knew I wanted to make it into a necklace, but was unsure how exactly. Eventually I decided on dual drill holes. My sainted boyfriend used twenty minutes of his lunch to saw off the backs of some antique Typewriter keys I had picked up forever and a half ago. I then used apoxy jewelry glue in order to create backs on the back of the keys. Afterwards I joined them all together to make this rather fascinating concoction, to the uber groovy sounds of Sly and the Family Stone.

F is for Fairy. That's me!

So then I went on to finish up some other projects. One is this absolutely adorable hair bow. I picked up some vintage lace at the flea market and then washed it, bleached it, then re-dyed it with tea so it would have its original antique color, but no stains.

Orange Blossom Bow

I used this absolutely gorgeous casting of an Orange Blossom. What does this have to do with fairies you ask? next time you pick up A Midsummer Night’s Dream by old Billy Shakespeare, check out the list of fairy names. No Orange Blossom isn’t on there. But PeaseBlossom is, so it’s not that far of a stretch to think that a Shakespearean Fairy name would be Orange Blossom.

me modeling Orange Blossom Bow

And finally for my Piece de Resistance. A resin casting that includes a real butterfly wing, all of you PETA freaks can rest assured, that I am not a marauding butterfly killer, my boyfriend found the wings in a cobweb in his barn. The body of the butterfly was assumedly consumed by some predator or another.

Fairy Flight Charm

This piece was made, as said before using a real butterfly wing, that was cast in resin with a background of real moss. After casting it was polished and then I added a brass chain around the bottom as an accent.

Me modeling the Fairy Flight Charm

So that is what I did today. I try to stay productive. I also put together a few resin pieces, they’re busy hardening and such. I did these ones in some more chocolate molds I picked up last weekend. I had to clean the rust off of them and such. My mother also got back from a trip in Poland and brought me back a wonderful set of antique skeleton keys. Aren’t they deliciously tarnished?

Polish Skeleton Keys

I’m now going to start my LP of the day, because for some reason I want people to listen to my music. 🙂

The LP of the day is: Sly and the Family Stone: the greatest hits.

Have fun and dance on Comrades! Until next time.




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