Grand Steampunk Rebellion

For those of you that don’t know, Steampunk is the idea of an alternative history, where the UK is still the most massive empire in the world, and the technology is based instead of electricity, but on steam and other forms of energy. This interesting idea is influencing the ideas of fashion, art etc, women still wear corsets, men are still dapper  in this history. I have gone into my own ideas about the steampunk idea, opting rather than the more punk, more dark and industrial influence, into a more beautiful gentle version of the fashion.

My boyfriend Andy and I had picked up a vial of watch parts at a flea market and when we got home my boyfriend then proceeded to create from them.

Me modelling the necklace Andy made

Here is a close-up of this most remarkable creation. My boyfriend is so creative for an engineer. This necklace is absolutely splendid! I should never have taught him how to use my jewelry making tools! He’s much better than I am.

Time's Rebellion Pendant

He also then made me a set of earrings to match. Not only is this necklace stunning, but I rather enjoy its almost philosophical quality.

Clockwork Earrings

So then, feeling very put out by the fact that my boyfriend was creating things that far outshone my own creations I went off to make a few of my own.  At first I was just fiddling around with my Resin pieces that I had already completed.

Original Brooch Idea

Using copper and brass, some basic hand tools including a saw, I created this.  It was a bit too complex and far too shiny for the resin mold, so I thought I should try to patina the copper. I experimented on the piece of copper I had already cut out, using bleach and salt water. when it had finished oxidizing it had created a matte red and a blue-green. I decided I didn’t like the brooch for the resin mold, so I went towards a steam-punk idea.

Sketch for ideas.

So off I went putting together watch parts, which I have discovered is not my forte, however the finished product doesn’t look half bad.

finished pendant

Lower flash on finished Pendant

Me modelling the pendant

As you can tell it’s rather large, but I like it. The patina definitely works for it.  I had to use resin to seal the patina, hence why it looks shiny when flash is involved. However, when worn it looks absolutely awesome.

I want to call it the Medal of Aeroship Pirates but that just seems a bit over the top…

Be strong and craft on comrades. Until next time.




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