Jewelry Adventures III

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Lock and Key necklace and bracelet

I’ve started playing with more Flohmarkt (fleamarket) finds from here in Germany. I found this key and lock and absolutely loved them. Don’t they make a nice set?

Mad Tea Party Necklace

I also found this awesome vintage circa 1900’s pocket watch charm at the Markt. Which I have made into a necklace here.

I’ve also been continuing with my resin and flower necklaces, also experimenting with styles, chains, etc.

Blue Hydrangea Teardrop Necklace

This hydrangea necklace turned out great, and the pendant I used is reversible, the back is a ying and yang symbol.

Orange Blossom Victorian Necklace

I quite like the draping chain in this one, it made it seem a bit Victorian. The orange blossom bud looks lovely there as well.

Pink Whimsy Brooch

I’m particularly fond of this brooch. I used a vintage metal chocolate mold as my mold for casting resin. The added ribbon, wire and pearls I feel give it a light and whimsical look.

Pink Ribbon Brooch

This brooch was a lot of fun, I like the way the ribbon lays, the resin cast itself is lovely, I like all of the ones where I used moss as the background.

Honeysuckle and Lilac Brooch

This honeysuckle and Lilac casting I simply added the needed hardware to make it wearable and a few dangling pearls as accents. The casting itself is fairly complex, with a wire accent.

Rose Petal Hair Clip

Here is another casting done using my antique chocolate molds. I rather like the results of these molds. I cast rose petals in it, and then accented it with some nice deep red ribbon piped with chocolate brown. It looks really good in my hair as well.

In other news my new needles for my record player have turned up and I’m enjoying the grands sounds of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

This Album is Awesome!

All right comrades, that’s enough wrestling with technology today. I’m going to relax and listen to the greats for a while.

Be calm and rock on comrades.




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