Never Never Land

My word of the day today was never-never land. For those of you who don’t know the classic story of Peter Pan, go look it up. I don’t have time to explain a magical land where children never grow up.

Never Never Land

A child lives on in each of us. We just forget its there sometimes. Lurking in the daydreams that we fear to tell, of being in Jazz bands, kissing Elisabeth Stroude, or living as a dark and desirous fairy in some ancient wood, lives this innocence and imagination. If only we could allow it to live a  bit more freely, however there is always more to do, more to do. More lists to write, more binders to organize, more boxes to pack. When do adults get to play anymore? I get to play, I play with pretty pressed flowers, metal and wire, I play with paints and canvases, paper, fabric, and yarn. I play with words. For instance today, walking home after signing my lovely boyfriend Andy out, I was merely rolling random words around in my head, as I often do.

I feel sometimes distanced from my life, as if this person living it is not in this life,  but rather in a dream. When I awake every morning and the dream is real, I feel blessed. Yet this life holds more fear than even my most vibrant nightmares.

I liked those words together: vibrant nightmares.

you see, it has to do with the etymology of the word. Vibrant comes from the latin”vibrantem (nom. vibrans) “swaying,” prp. of vibrare “move to and fro”, then in 1550 the definition had evolved to mean “agitated”, these days it means bright, loud, colorful, full of life. However, if we blend the connotations of the times, it is both contrasting and perfect. The two connotations are at odds with each other. And this is the sort of play I like to use. Most would use the word ‘vivid’ to describe a nightmare, it is a harsh disyllabic  word with assonant i sounds. Vivid however, from the latin  vividus spirited or lively, currently means striking. Did we just get words mixed up at some point?

You see, the world is full of play and passion if we allow ourselves. Every day is an excuse to exercise the wonderful juxtapositions our minds can make up.


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