Jewelry Projects II

Lilac Blossom Earrings

This is the first of my new series. They are currently for sale at the local Craft Shop, however, if they don’t sell in the next few weeks they’re going onto my Etsy site. If there is an interest don’t hesitate to contact me. I digress, this is a new direction for SparrowRags designs. I was in a non-creative creative state. Which is odd from a person who used to do paintings with her toes. It seems I’ve lost that experimental mentality when it comes to my jewelry. Probably the restriction of funds.  IN any case, I just kept making necklaces more and more necklaces and I didn’t realize it until there were sixteen hanging up at once and me going- huh. And so with great enthusiasm I have bent myself to the task of creating other pieces of beauty. The above the first of many I hope.

Me wearing the Lilac Blossom Earrings.

The next piece is a cute Hair Barette/Bow, perfect for any mad tea party. Mushroom tea party anyone? This barette is a small confection of thick cream ribbon and a moss-background foxglove casting.

Mad Teaparty Hair Barette

And this gorgeous lady gets in all of my pictures! Me! I’m just kidding, I’m not really that egotistical, though in the above picture my boobs look ginormous. Anyways.

Mad Tea Party Hair Bow modeled by moi

Barcelona Brooch

Here is the hand-cut copper and turquoise brooch that I made. Also for sale at the craft shop. It’s quite pretty and I like it, terribly heavy though.

Barcelona Brooch Modeled by me

That’s all for now I’m afraid because I’m about to throw my computer out of the window for not allowing me to crop my photos using WordPress’ photo editor. jesus t***ie F***ing Christ!

much love


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