Jewelry Projects

As you all must know by my previous post, I have an Etsy store that sells jewelry. I finished a gorgeous necklace last night, and one that I’ve decided to keep.

This is what the necklace looks like that I completed. I may either put it up on Etsy or see if it sells here at the local shop. I’ve only sold two pieces at the local shop, but it might do well there, I don’t know.

Flotsam in Grey modeled by moi

I also have this cute buttercup necklace that I have decided to keep because it is so adorable. though if anyone would like to purchase it, they can of course e-mail me at my shop e-mail.

Buttercup Necklace

Here’s what it looks like on.

Buttercup Necklace Modeled by me

I have also been experimenting with my resin pieces, with my existing molds, using moss as a background for the pressed flowers. Three of the pieces came out this morning and look great, the other two refuse to come out of the molds and are being frozen into shrinking submission.

Resin Castings

This one is a pendant of a pressed orange blossom bud. I got this bloom in my boyfriend’s parents’ lovely gorgeous amazing garden. I have a whole bunch of flowers I’m going to cast that are from their garden.

Orange Blossom Bud

Then next one is a full Orange Blossom that was pressed. It was such a large and full bloom I was afraid it would fall apart, one of them did but this one did not. And it is truly stunning. I’m thinking that I want to turn it into a pin or brooch of somekind, or possibly a gorgeous hairpiece.

Large Orange BlossomThe final of the three is a mixed media composition, involving a honeysuckle from my boyfriend’s parents’ garden, which smelled divine, and a lilac bloom from Germany. I used moss in the back ground and swirl of brass wire to accent the composition. I really want this one to be a brooch.

Honeysuckle and Lilac

So that’s what I have done recently. Tonight we’re making turkey, which is good as always, and if my mother isn’t home in thirty minutes I have to gut it (eeeewwww) my least favorite part of turkey. Though its worth it.

We are preparing for my big move from Deutschland to the UK for University. My books (beloved books) are in boxes. :gasp: though my books I’m taking with me to school is about a third of my total books I brought with me to Germany. :sniffle: though, the complete poems of E.E. cummings does take a lot of space! My mother also is on a kick, buying me raincoats, wellie liners, warm boots, and warm socks. I know it’s cold and rainy in the UK, so all in all I’m sure I will be grateful. We also had to get me pots and pans. There’s this second hand store that my mother and I volunteer at, and since we volunteer we only have to pay a little bit for everything we get. Mum found some ugg boots that fit me. my mother called me and told me that she found them and at first I was appalled- ugg boots normally being fluffy useless and shapeless things that stupid teenagers and slaggs wear. These ones however, when I saw them, had structure, and an accent buckle, and weren’t all that bad to look at, but it was nothing compared to the boots when I put them on. (Having flat feet and bunions tends to reduce the amount of comfy shoes one can find) They are soooo comfy. (not to mention new are worth 200 bucks)… We also got my pots and pans there. all for a whole of ten dollars.  well. mom just called. she won’t be home in time to gut the turkey. why me? lol.


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